Red Dot Award

About Red Dot

The Red Dot Design Award is internationally recognized as one of the most distinguished and credible awards given in the filed of design. These coveted awards are given in the fields of Product Design, Brands & Communication Design and Design Concept.

To be awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award recognizes your product as belonging to the best in design and distinguished in your field. This distinction is based on the principles of selection and presentation in excellent design as selected by expert juries from around the globe.

We are extremely proud of this award as it acknowledges the dedication to excellence the EyeX team has achieved in the emerging field of smart glasses and smart products. In an arena where a push to compete can result in the creation of products that are of less than the highest quality this award recognizes the strict attention to detail in the EyeX in every aspect, the features, the sound quality, the componentry and the workmanship. There is nothing we could say about the EyeX that would qualify it’s excellence than the conference of this award upon it. 

What the Red Dot award had to say about the Titan EyeX: 

Titan EyeX are smart glasses with integrated voice assistants, a built-in pedometer and miniature speakers. The lightweight and ergonomically shaped frames with gently contoured temples are made from high-tech TR90 material and feature a reduced design approach. Buttons are dispensed in favour of a clean overall appearance and maximum ease of use. The glasses are controlled using intuitive swipe and tap gestures. They can also be used as prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Statement by the Jury 

Titan EyeX features a harmonious blend of smart technology and user comfort with a minimalist aesthetic.

Red Dot Award Product Design Titan EyeX